Locum Lineage Holder

Mr. Ludwig Roemer was elected as the locum lineage holder on March 3, 2017.


of the locum lineage holder

April 4, 2017


Dear friends in Dharma,

as you all know, I have never, until yesterday, seriously considered the establishment of a new sub-school of the Tibetan Gelug tradition, and I have never, until yesterday, found it necessary.

The united wish of the disciples of our deceased teacher, which was aired at the meeting of Kyosang Rinpoche’s disciples, made me change my mind.

I have been, and I am still afraid of creating a new schism within the Buddhist community, which schism might be caused by establishing a new sub-school. This is why I appreciate so much the motion by Valerie Lambert to recognize ‘that AULD VERTUUS SCHOOL does not oppose itself to other Buddhist teachers of the Gelug tradition (it neither opposes itself to the Gelug tradition as a whole) and sees them as true and trustful teachers as long as their teachings and activities are in accordance with the teachings of Je Tsongkhapa and the Eight Moral Guidelines,’ which motion was finally carried by the meeting of Kyosang Rinpoche’s disciples.

However true my fears may be, I now clearly realize that my further disagreement with the idea of establishing a new sub-school and my fears to cause a schism in potentia may lead to a schism among the followers of our deceased teacher in actu.

I now believe that all followers of Khenpo Kyosang Rinpoche, and probably some (if not many) Western Buddhists do need a religious school that clearly opposes itself to the mainstream of the liberal thought and that clearly detaches itself from those Buddhist teachers who tend to accept everything and anything in this world of today, including moral decline in Western countries, desacralization of religion and of family, undermining traditional moral values, religious and cultural consumerism, progress of popular culture, robotization of human mind, homosexual marriages, sexualization of children, political hypocrisy, silencing all opponents of globalism and all alternative political opinions in general, the tendency to regard the very doubtful contemporary political discourse (with such terms as ‘tolerance,’ ‘political correctness’ etc.) as the supreme ethical revelation, detaching religion from any social influence, and so on, and so on. I truly believe that there is absolutely nothing in the traditional scriptures of the Gelugpa lineage which justifies these tendencies.

At the same time, I believe that there is no need to see Auld Vertuus School as the exclusive holder of religious truth, and there is no need to criticize those Buddhist teachers who concentrate on the Buddhist teaching in its essence, even if they fail to call numerous facts of contemporary moral degradation by their proper names.

Even having agreed with the fact that a new sub-school of the Tibetan Gelug tradition may be created, I have never expressed the wish to be elected as the spiritual head of the new sub-school, and I voted for another person being elected to this position.

I am very far from being a saint man or even a saintly person, I do not possess spiritual accomplishments which are expected from a tripa, and I honestly admit this fact.

At the same time, I clearly see that no tradition can actually exist without its lineage holder, and this is why it might be necessary to elect to this position my humble and imperfect person.

I want to emphasize once again the fact that the supreme body of the newly established lineage is its council of teachers. I shall happily retire from my position of a locum lineage holder as soon as a better candidate to hold this position is found and approved by the council of teachers.

Yours sincerely,

Ludwig Roemer