Eight Moral Guidelines

The Eight Moral Guidelines were elaborated by disciples of Ven. Khenpo Kyosang Rinpoche in 2015.

On March 3, 2017, the general meeting of Kyosang Rinpoche’s disciples has resolved that ‘Auld Vertuus School shall accept the Eight Moral Guidelines, formerly elaborated by Kyosang Rinpoche’s disciples, and rely on them.’

It was also resolved that ‘Auld Vertuus School does not oppose itself to other Buddhist teachers of the Gelug tradition (it neither opposes itself to the Gelug tradition as a whole) and sees them as true and trustful teachers as long as their teachings and activities are in accordance with the teachings of Je Tsongkhapa and the Eight Moral Guidelines.’

Eight Moral Guidelines

[1] Tolerance is not the way to solve social or spiritual problems. It shall be replaced by either compassion towards those who suffer and are in need, or by counteracting evil deeds and intentions

[2] Men and women have different spiritual qualities and features.

[3] Facilitating children’s sexual development does harm to their spiritual development.

[4] Only a partnership of a man and a woman who both avoid sexual misconduct and adultery can be seen as a true marriage.

[5] Faithful people shall make efforts to make social life better.

[6] We shall not approve free choice of any person if this choice leads to evil deeds, words, or thoughts. We shall counteract this choice.

[7] Religion still may gain back its spiritual and social influence if had once.

[8] No worldly power, institution, or regime may be regarded as a supreme ethical authority. Only Religion is a trustful source of knowledge of what is Good and what is Evil.